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Mountain rescue: experts confrontation on intervention and simulation protocols in Monte Cimone scenario

On Thursday, March 16, there will be a meeting on the state of the art and the future of high-altitude rescue that will see the rescue specialists gathered in extreme conditions.
On Friday, March 17, in calendar a simulation in the field with the use of Colibrì, the lightest life-saving device produced by Eurosets, for patients in hypothermia.


Modena, March 2023 – Eurosets, a company based in Medolla (MO), specialized in the design, production and marketing of biomedical devices, participates in a two-day mountain rescue.

Federazione Italiana Sicurezza Piste Sci (FISPS) dept. Emilia-Romagna, on the occasion of the celebrations for its thirty years of activity, has organized a training event: on Thursday 16 and Friday 17, March the operators of the organized rescue system of the Emilian Apennines – among the entities present there will be Centrale Operativa 118 Emilia-Est, Elisoccorso di Bologna e Pavullo nel Frignano, Soccorso Alpino Emilia-Romagna, Soccorso Alpino Guardia di Finanza, Carabinieri Sciatori, 118 Set Modena Soccorso – will meet for a moment of confrontation and discussion dedicated to the implementation of rescue procedures in an impervious environment and for a field simulation that also uses the devices of the company based in Medolla.

Timely intervention in high altitude trauma and accident situations is crucial. Implementing operational procedures, guidelines and effective therapies on site allows us to anticipate the next hospitalization and thus earn up to an hour crucial to the survival of the recovered person” comments Oscar Santunione, FISPS Soccorso Piste Cimone coordinator.

In this scenario, Eurosets presents the essential innovation of Colibrì, the lightest life- saving device, which can temporarily replace the heart and lung function of adult, children and new-born patients. It is about an innovative technology, designed for many clinical applications, including extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (E-CPR) in case of cardiac arrest, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and mechanical circulatory support (MCS). It is assumed that a timely intervention with the use of this kind of device in case of cardiac arrest can increase the survival rate from 5%-10% up to 60%. Its small size, the optimal ergonomics and the possibility of being placed inside a special wearable backpack, also equipped with winch hook, allows it to be transported extremely easily wherever the patient is, thus making Colibrì the most versatile system in its field of application.

“Continuously investing in research allows us to conceive, design and create devices such as Colibrì, a milestone for the biomedical sector but also a starting point and an opportunity for treatment in further areas. In this case, ECLS (Extracorporeal Life Support) treatments, the prerogative of intra-hospital use in the operating room, becomes a method applicable on the scene of emergency thanks to Colibrì” – adds Carlo Alberto Tassi, Global Therapy & Portfolio Development Manager of Eurosets.

On Thursday 16, March the meeting will start with the greetings to the major – the majors of the four Cimone cities (Fanano, Montecreto, Riolunato, Sestola) will participate, as well as Luciano Magnani, Consorzio Stazioni Invernali del Cimone President, and DR. Massimo Brunetti, Distretto AUSL Pavullo nel Frignano Director. Next there will be dicussions based on the state of the art of the procedures used in the rescue in an impervious and hostile environment (“Hypothermia in harsh and hostile environment, treatment and role of the ALS team” curated by DR. Mario Milani, SNAMED CNSAS), on the future prospects (“Hypothermia and ECLS: current indications and future prospects” e “ECLS and new technologies” curated by Carlo Alberto Tassi of Eurosets), on how to intervene in case of avalanches (“Accidents in Avalanche, webair connection with TerraXcube” with the participation of DR. Hermann Brugger, CEO EURAC Research), on climate change and emergency medicine in the mountains (“Climate Change and Winter Olympic Games: the role of higher academic training in Emergency Medicine in the Mountains” in videocall DR. Luigi Festi, Master of International Emergency Medicine in the Mountains.). In conclusion there will be a 360° discussion  dedicated to “mountain rescue” with the representatives of FISPS Emilia-Romagna, Carabinieri Sciatori, Soccorso Alpino Emilia-Romagna, Soccorso Alpino Guardia di Finanza, Centrale Operativa 118 and DIEU.

On Friday 17 a field exercise will be held, at the slopes of the consortium of Cimone, for the search and rescue of three simulated ski mountaineers: one in cardiac-respiratory arrest hypothermic, a traumatic hypothermic and a hypothermic second degree with trauma, for the treatment of which will be used Colibrì.


A deeping on Colibrì

Equipped with a centrifugal pump with magnetic levitation and a device capable of artificially oxygenating the blood, Colibrì is the device for cardio-circulatory and/or respiratory support lighter and more compact on the market, ideal in all scenarios where intra and extra-hospital transportability are crucial, including the most extreme rescue operations.

In addition to adult patients, the device, thanks to a dedicated centrifugal pump can be used on patients in pediatric or even neonatal age. In these cases, we intervene for problems related to serious congenital diseases of the cardiovascular or cardiorespiratory system.

In addition to the extreme portability and the ability to temporarily replace the functions of the heart and lung, Colibrì allows advanced monitoring of the ongoing procedure, and is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection that allows the observation of vital parameters even remotely, thus ensuring greater safety and reliability for health professionals.