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The founding of Eurosets.
The company was founded in the heart of the Italian biomedical district, in Medolla (MO), and began manufacturing components and semi-finished products on behalf of third parties.
GVM Care&Research acquired Eurosets.
Joining the centre of excellence of the private Italian healthcare allows Eurosets to begin developing its own medical devices.
Entry into the Cardiopulmonary market.
Admiral, the first oxygenator for extracorporeal circulation designed by Eurosets, was launched. Approximately 1,000,000 oxygenators have been used to date.
Entry into the ECLS market.
Launch the first ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) adult oxygenator 14 days certified.
Entry into Pediatric market.
The Trilly pediatric oxygenator, the first pediatric oxygenator for ExtraCorporeal Circulation in cardiac surgery, and two ECMO modules, one for pediatric and one for newborn patients, are launched.
The first monitoring system.
Landing, the first solution to help Physicians maintain a patient’s aerobic condition during CPB preventing prospective organ failure, is launched.
Waterlily TS
Waterlily, a complete solution for wound therapy, is launched.
Inauguration of the new Eurosets facilities.
New line of oxygenators for Extracorporeal circulation.
A brand new cardiac surgery product portfolio for extracorporeal circulation is launch: Horizon, Remowell 2 and Trilly2.
New ECLS product line.
A new ECLS product line is established with two new products for the international market: Landing ECMO and CO2Reset machine.
Launch of the new ECMO system.
ECMOLIFE, the newest ECMO solution with an outstanding magnetic levitation centrifugal pump, is launched.
ECMOLIFE-Full market release.
Launch of Leonardo Trolley.