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The secret of Italian excellence lies in the attention to detail that makes the difference, especially in the biomedical field. Eurosets know-how, production chain and management, distribution and marketing processes are all located in the same place at our Head Office in Medolla.

The R&D area deals with the research, prototyping and production of new medical devices as well as the maintenance, updating and modification of existing devices.

The R&D area is composed of the laboratory technicians’ office and the design office. This area includes the experimental laboratory where all new products are functionally tested and validated.

Eurosets is an ambitious and proud company striving to assimilate research, technological production, quality and corporate ethics. Our desire to consistently progress is driven by one goal: to improve the quality of life of each patient.

The needs of Healthcare Professionals and Patients drive us towards an increasingly functional design that goes hand in hand with technological development.

Thus, Eurosets has filed over 40 patents and is the only company in the world that produces an oxygenator for extracorporeal circulation that can reduce the concentration of lipid and leukocyte particles, which are responsible for ischemic and multi-organ damage.
This innovation driven by unmet needs is a process that makes Eurosets patents special.