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All our activities focus on the intelligent use of energy and environmental resources, reducing the environmental impact of the creation and management of waste in order to minimise it in all Eurosets operations.


Since the inauguration of the new Eurosets facility, the sustainability has been an essential part of the company strategy.

Eurosets is an environmentally sustainable facility, which is in line with our beliefs.

Our daily commitment to save energy is achieved through our green approach and the implementation of various solutions:

  • Solar panel
  • A rooftop garden as insulator
  • Rainwater recovery system to water the gardens
  • LED lighting
  • Highly insulated walls

Improving employees quality of life, the Company is located between two bicycle paths that allow workers to commute to work by bicycle.


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Reducing Eurosets carbon footprint

A new Trigeneration Plant was installed in 2019. The Eurosets system operates on methane, and is powered by an electrical generator. As the motor rotates it also produces thermal energy that, when properly transferred, can partly provide heat for the factory and it also powers a heat-exchanger to produce cold water for air conditioning: this is why it’s called a trigenerator.

In doing this, the trigenerator uses 80% of the energy produced.
However, that’s not all: the entire company was designed taking in consideration energy savings and sustainability, with hanging gardens to naturally insulate the facility, a rainwater collection system for irrigation, interior gardens that allow for an optimum level of daylight every day, and LED lighting powered by solar panels.

This has allowed us to save 100 TOE per year, equalling 265 tonnes of CO2, the total produced by 160 cars. We therefore have been able to cut our annual emissions by 500 TOE or 1,165 tonnes of CO2, which is equal to the total emissions from 460 cars that are no longer being released into the atmosphere… not too bad! Thanks to all these measures, we have reached 81% energy autonomy, with carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen monoxide (NO) emissions being reduced to half the legal requirements. We do this because we are saving millions of lives.

Eco-friendly solutions.
Our eco-packaging

EUROSETS sees itself as part of a world community that wants to do its part in protecting our environment.

The environmental aspect is therefore an area of primary importance for us and one of the our fundamental corporate goals is to lower consumption and embrace environmental compatibility.

EUROSETS has consequently made significant efforts in opting for eco-friendly solutions, from reducing its energy footprint, to using plastic free packaging whenever possible.

For EUROSETS, “Every Life Matters” not only means focusing on producing life saving devices, but also on preserving our eco system; and as a company that is aware of its responsibilities, we get our suppliers and customers involved in the conversation regarding sustainability.

Our new cardboard eco-packaging is mainly made of recycled material and is 100% recyclable Because protecting the planet we live on can save millions of lives..


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