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World Water Day

On World Water Day, Eurosets reaffirms its commitment to build a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

We undertake to recover 100% of the rainwater collected from the roof and from the yard in front of the company, channeling it into an irrigation channel.
Moreover, in line with the actions promoted to reduce the waste of plastic and electricity, every employee of Eurosets is equipped with a reusable bottle: in fact, inside the plant are set up spots where these can be filled, in order to minimize the use of plastic bottles.

This happens thanks to the introduction of purified water sources, positioned in several points of the structure and easily accessible to all workers.

Through these actions, over time we have managed to save about 400 tons of plastic and about 50 tons of CO2!

We are proud to share this achievement, committing ourselves to increasingly pursue the goal of a zero impact plant!