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Valentina Agnusdei

Chemical & Microbiological Laboratory Specialist

Valentina Agnusdei, Chemical & Microbiological Laboratory Specialist, has been working in Eurosets since 2011.

What impressed you about Eurosets and what would you tell someone who doesn't know the company?

Eurosets is an example of resilience, with its great ability to cope positively with adversity, carefully cultivating the resources it has available. Eurosets is constantly evolving, to meet the needs of the market with the utmost attention to customer needs. Eurosets for me is a synergy of hearts, minds and forces working together to achieve the same goal.

Since you have been with the company, what is the project you have worked on that best represents the spirit of the company?

 I arrived in Eurosets while the company was developing new pediatric devices and since then we have come a long way and we have achieved important goals, always working to maintain a high quality standard. The advantage of working in the laboratory is to have the opportunity to closely follow all the devices, since the early stages. The product I’m most attached to is ECMO New Born.
Whenever you have a device in your hands and you need to verify compliance, try to imagine that you are in an operating room or in an intensive care unit and try to work at your best. Here is the importance of Eurosets work. 

What does our motto 'Help people get back to doing the things they love' represent for you?

Regaining your health is the first step to take back your everyday life. For that goal, Eurosets has always been committed to constantly working on innovation and research.