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The sustainable development is not possible without sustainable energy.

Our priorities are: maximize the productivity of resources, energy efficiency and minimize waste. We have taken an sustainable-oriented approach that underpins everything we do.

We have made intentional changes to the company culture in order to serve our planet because our planet our responsibility.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals of United States, Eurosets has consequently made significant efforts in opting for eco-friendly solutions, from optimized energy consuption and using plastic free packaging whenever possible.

Each action is aimed at reduce Eurosets carbon footprint.




The trigeneration plant installed in 2019 allows us to produces thermal energy that, when properly transferred, can partly provide heating for the factory and partly power a heat-exchanger to produce cold water.

Thanks to innovative solutions in terms of energy production, we reach an 83% of energy autonomy.


Starting from 2019 the new cardboard eco-packaging is mainly made of already recycled material and 100% recyclable.

Thanks to this new eco-solution, we trasform the 48% of PTS packaging from plastic tray to cardboard tray! This means that, since the beginning of this project we have saved 48% of the total amount of plastic used, the equivalent of 58 tons of plastic and 410.102 tons of CO2.





Eurosets facility has been designed and built considering the energy saving and the reduction of the environmental impacts. The company is equipped by:

  • Photovoltaic system for electricity production from renewable sources;
  • Hanging gardens to naturally insulate the facility;
  • Interior gardens that allow for an optimum level of daylight every day;
  • LED lighting powered by solar panels.