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Back to the two-day comparison of mountain rescue experts on Monte Cimone organized by the Italian Ski Safety Federation.

On 21 and 22 February, rescue specialists at high altitude will gather for a discussion on the state of the art of optimal management of patients in hypothermia and avalanche and for a field simulation
Eurosets, a company from the biomedical district of Medolla, offers Hummingbird, the lightest life-saving device, for a simulation on patients in cardiac arrest


Modena, February 2024 – The Italian Ski Safety Federation sect. Emilia-Romagna Soccorso Piste Cimone A.P.S. promotes a two-day training event, today Wednesday 21 and tomorrow Thursday 22 February, aimed at deepening the management of hypothermic patient and overwhelmed by avalanche, following the international guidelines of ICAR (International Alpine Rescue Commission).

The first day, today Wednesday, February 21, consists of a congress, at the Centro Culturale Italo Bortologgi (Fanano, MO), which wants to bring together international experts and heads of services of the Emergency Emergency Departments of Emilia-Romagna. The aim is to create increasingly effective synergies between the various systems of the Regional Departments, as well as draw regional guidelines for the management of patients in hypothermia and avalanche.

Tomorrow, Thursday, February 22, will be held the exercise on the field, at the Passo del Lupo (Sestola, MO) in the ski area of Monte Cimone, where will be simulated the taking charge of a seriously hypothermic patient and who risks cardiac arrest.

In this context, Eurosets, a company from Medolla (MO), specialized in the design, production and marketing of biomedical devices, makes available for simulation on Colibrì tracks, the lightest life-saving device, able to temporarily replace the cardiac and pulmonary function of adults.Recently, Eurosets has also put on the market the paediatric and neonatal version that has already helped save several lives of small patients mostly suffering from congenital heart and lung diseases.

Hummingbird is an innovative technology, suitable for use in several therapeutic applications, including extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (E-CPR) in case of cardiac arrest, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and mechanical circulatory support (MCS). Timely intervention with the use of these devices in case of cardiac arrest can increase the survival rate from 5%-10% up to 60%. Its minimum size, optimal ergonomics and the possibility of being placed inside a backpack allow it to be transported in an extremely easy way wherever the patient is, thus making Colibrì the most versatile system in its field of application.