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Luca Guerzoni

Tubing Set Specialist & Project Packaging Supervisor

Luca Guerzoni, PTS Designer and Product Packaging Supervisor, has been with Eurosets for 15 years.

What impressed you about Eurosets and what would you tell someone who doesn't know the company?

“Eurosets is a young company (average age 40) that sets itself ambitious goals to achieve innovative projects. The inspiring daily routine always leads to new challenges, and allows us to improve and learn new things in a sector that is in some aspects very technical, such as the biomedical industry.”

Since you have been with the company, what is the project you have worked on that best represents the spirit of the company?

“The project that fascinated me the most is definitely the ECMOLife project. One of the aims of the project was to design and produce a revolutionary device that could save lives, and this fully reflects our motto ‘EveryLifeMatters’. Working on this project allowed me to study each packaging, trying to combine usability on the field, flexibility in the production process and environmental sustainability.

All this was challenging and therefore motivating. Certainly this project represents what Eurosets is today and wants to be in the future.”

What does our belief 'Patients Comes First' represent for you?

“There is only one direction to take: work while minimising environmental impact. for me, this should no longer be a goal to be achieved, but the point from which to build and base every action; only in this way can we build a sustainable future.”