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The company of the biomedical district joins the initiative “Medolla Cardioprotetta” with the aim of a widespread distribution of “life-saving” devices in case of emergencies

Medolla (MO), February 26, 2021Eurosets, an Italian company from Medolla (MO) specializing in the design, production and distribution of biomedical devices, has joined the “Medolla Cardioprotetta” project with the aim of raising funds for the purchase and installation of defibrillators (AED) in public places, including schools.

Eurosets has contributed with the donation of 10 defibrillators (AED): it was held today the delivery of the devices in the presence of the mayor of Medolla Alberto Calciolari, the deputy mayor Graziella Zacchini and the president of Consulta of Medolla Lucio De Biaggi.

“The project “Medolla Cardioprotetta” is a significant example of civic collaboration, where alongside our associations and individual citizens, local businesses have been actively involved – said the mayor of Medolla, Alberto Calciolari – These are the actions that leave a tangible sign and a lesson to new generations on the value of the common good and social sustainability in our area: a key value for a better future. Therefore, it is not the donation itself, but the spirit of giving that is the fundamental aspect for the local welfare system, for social cohesion and the civil and moral growth of our community”

The initiative, launched in November 2019 by the municipality of Medolla, materialized through the diffusion on the territory of defibrillators, “life-saving” devices.

“In case of emergencies related to heart rhythm pathologies, the restoration of the rhythm itself in a short time increases the survival rate of the patient. The effectiveness of first aid is therefore related to the availability of defibrillators and the speed of intervention of citizens. The use of these automatic devices is in fact extremely simple so that any volunteer can intervene as rescuer: it is the defibrillator itself that performs the rhythm study and decides whether or not there is an indication for defibrillation – comments Dr. Elisa Mikus, cardiac surgeon at Maria Cecilia Hospital in Cotignola (RA). The widespread diffusion on the territory will certainly give positive results in the prompt management of patients in emergency. This is also confirmed by the territorial managers of 118: “the increase in the distribution of automatic defibrillators has helped the management of emergencies in this field”.

The devices donated by Eurosets and by the supporters of the initiative will be installed in the next few days and a map with their dislocation will also be drawn up. As for training, the Blue Cross is already organizing courses on the proper use of defibrillators, which can be accessed by all interested people.

“In Italy, it is estimated that there are more than 60,000 people affected by cardiac arrest every year – comments Antonio Petralia, Vice President and CEO of Eurosets – The survival rate of these people rises from 5% to 30% thanks to the intervention with the defibrillators (AED) present in the territory. We are proud to be able to offer our contribution in this important project strongly promoted by the municipal administration. This initiative is part of the project of Eurosets, to invest more in the field of social sustainability and in particular in aspects related to health, because health should not be seen as a cost but is an investment for the whole community and therefore must be guarded.”