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A team of 11 specialists and the life-saving ECMOlife device at the concert in Barletta.

Medolla (MO), July 2022 – Eurosets, a company based in Medolla in the biomedical district, will be present at the Jova Beach Party in Barletta for a “cardioprotected event“: the assistance service, realised in collaboration with the ASL of Barletta, will be able to rely on a team of 11 health operators such as perfusion technicians (a professional figure specialised in the use of devices connected to the heart-lung machine), doctors, nurses specialised in first aid and on the presence of the ECMOlife life-saving device, designed and produced by Eurosets.

ECMOlife is a device designed to offer an additional life-saving option in emergency situations, capable of providing support to the cardio-respiratory system of patients with serious cardiac and pulmonary conditions, cardiac arrest or impaired pulmonary function.

ECMO (ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenator) is able to temporarily replace the functions of the heart and lungs, stabilising the patient’s circulatory functions and making it possible to transport him safely by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

Currently present in 25 countries worldwide and in several high speciality centres in Italy, ECMOlife is used in various applications, including the operating theatre to support particularly complex operations and in haemodynamic laboratories for interventional cardiology procedures. In addition, it has been a key support for a young patient awaiting a lung transplant as well as being used for some patients with severe respiratory conditions caused by Covid-19 infection.