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Daniela Perniola

Production Order and Subcontractor

Daniela Perniola, Production Order and Subcontractor, has been with Eurosets for 21 years.

What impressed you about Eurosets and what would you tell someone who doesn't know the company?

Of Eurosets I was struck by the desire to get up and get back in the game even later to natural disasters such as earthquake and flood.

On both occasions everyone rolled up their sleeves to engage in material recovery activities, cleaning…

We were all equal, no uniform that distinguished roles and competences… it was a very delicate moment in which solidarity towards each other and the will to move forward was tangible.

In record time, work centers were set up and people were able to resume their activities.

Eurosets was able to give us back that “normality” we all missed.

Since you have been with the company, what is the project you have worked on that best represents the spirit of the company?

I’ve worked here for over half my life, I grew up in Eurosets.

Initially we were about thirty people, mostly in production, now we exceed 300 employees. I was involved in the evolution of Eurosets.

Moving to the first new location in 2005. To the structuring of the various departments and departure of the production lines of the oxygenator and that of Custom packs.
Let’s say that, although not directly active, I have witnessed the launch of almost all our products.

I believe that the spirit of Eurosets can be represented by this continuous development.