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Cristina Sau

Validation Engineering Coordinator

Cristina Sau, Validation Engineering Coordinator, has been with Eurosets for 3 years.

What impressed you about Eurosets and what would you tell someone who doesn't know the company?

One thing that impressed me from the very first moment is the great variety of devices that are manufactured at Eurosets. Between activities on historical projects and those under development, there is always something new to learn, new projects to manage; I would say that it is almost impossible to get bored here.

Since you have been with the company, what is the project you have worked on that best represents the spirit of the company?

My job allows me to actively participate in many company projects; it is therefore very difficult to choose one in particular. Each project gives me the opportunity to get to know not only the production processes, but also the functionality of the various products; this is facilitated and guaranteed by the great collaboration that exists, both within the team and between the staff of the various departments; this, in my opinion, best represents the company spirit.

What does our motto 'Patients Comes First' represent for you?

Having studied biomedical engineering, I have always wanted to do a job that has some utility and positive outcomes for patients. Thinking ‘Patient comes first’ means working remembering at all times that our work has a big impact on the lives of patients and therefore we must always try to do it to the best of our ability.