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Angela Baraldini

Customer Service

Angela Baraldini, Customer Service, has been with Eurosets for 13 years.

What impressed you about Eurosets and what would you tell someone who doesn't know the company?

Eurosets is for sure a one of a kind company , always aiming to present the best and most innovative solutions to the worldwide market, but at the same time not losing that good old feeling of a family company where the big boss still comes around to say good morning and have a chat.

Since you have been with the company, what is the project you have worked on that best represents the spirit of the company?

Even if I’m not actively taking part in the development of the products, I can fully sense their importance through our customers’ enthusiastic interest. I truly believe that All of the products, from the tiniest connector up to the new born star Colibri , together actually express the Spirit of Eurosets.

What does our belief 'Patient Comes First' represent for you?

When the priority of a company is to create solutions that can improve our lives and those of the ones we love, giving people the opportunity of a full life even after critical health issues, that is awesome.