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Our history is made of achievements.

What started the small factory with 20 employees, has now developed into a solid international company. The current headquarter facilities are a reference in terms of modernity, efficiency and sustainability and our worldwide presence is supported by 6 branches around the world, with a team of more than 240 people.

The last years have been of accelerated expansion in terms of portfolio and sales volumes. If in the beginning, the company was dedicated to manufacturing components to other companies, through the years we developed unique solutions in Wound & Blood and Cardiovascular fields. Recently we took another giant step, with the launch of state of art ECLS equipment, consolidating our positioning as one of the most innovative players in the business areas we serve.

All this was only possible because of the people that every day aim to improve the way we develop, manufacture, and deliver our products to market, challenging well established, much bigger players through innovation and agility.

The first 30 years have been an incredible journey, and the best is yet to come.

30 Years Listening. 30 Years Innovating. 30 Years Together