ECLS Heater Coolers and Warming Systems



Eurosets can offer a full range of solutions to warm and cool the patient during ECLS procedures.

ECMOLife Heater Cooler: The most complete, secure and intuitive solution to manage the patient’s blood temperature during ELCS, the ECMOLIFE Heater-Cooler is a system designed to facilitate patient thermo-regulation during ECMO.
This innovative device is part of the ECMOLIFE portfolio and is capable of warming/cooling the patient in the range of 15-39°C, making it suitable to respond to different clinical needs.
In line with the safety pillar that characterize the entire ECMOLife portfolio, our Heater Cooler benefits from employing a fully “closed” water circulatory system. “In this type of closed heater cooler, air born transmission of Mycobacterium chimaera could not be demonstrated”.1

FT2800Pro: FT2800pro is a warming system for ECLS characterized by very low dimensions and weight and by a warming mechanism that use two disposable tubes, placed around the ECLS tubing set that do not require any disinfection procedure. The device can maintain patients core temperature from 33° to 41°. FT2800Pro is also Suitable to warm the patient during MCS procedures not using an oxygenator, like RV and LV supports.

*Not available in all geographies, please contact your local Eurosets representative

1Trudzinski F.C., Schlotthauer U., Kamp A., Hennemann K., Muellenbach R.M., Reischl U. Gärtner B., Wilkens H., Bals R., Herrmann M., Lepper P.M. and Becker S.L. (2016) – Clinical implications of Mycobacterium chimaera detection in thermo-regulatory devices used for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) – Germany, 2015 to 2016’, in Euro Surveillance, p. 6.