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Antonio Petralia

Executive Vice President & CEO Technical Scientific Director


Eighteen out of Eurosets’ 48 patents were created by him, the Archimedes of mechanical engineering from Romagna with a passion for medicine and an academic career marked by “lateral thinking” (nurse-mechanical engineering expert), while continuing to work in the operating theatres of the GVM Care & Research Group, where he has developed as a cardiac surgery technician.

He has been on Eurosets’ board since 2000 and has worked full time since 2008 as technical and scientific director after taking a second degree in Technical and Health Sciences in Florence (his first being at Rome’s Sapienza University as a Cardiac Surgery Technician), since 2014 as Vice President and since 2017 as CEO.

Having overcome earthquake, floods and reconstructions with – out ever losing sight of profits and production innovation, he now has the challenge of taking Eurosets into the next 30 ears.